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Taiwan Fastener Trading Association (TFTA)

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Taiwan Fastener Trading Association (TFTA) was founded in June of 1989 with the name of Taiwan Fastener Society. In June of 2003, it was approved by the Ministry of Internal Afshows to become a lawful corporate body and its name was changed into its present name. In the past 10 years, through the leadership of Mr. Shen-Xian Su (the founder), former presidents (Mr, Kuo-Chi Yen, Wen-Wuei Lu and Hong-Cheng Chang), former directors (Yin-Wu Liao, Yan-Zai Hong and Tammy Huang) and the current director (Mr. Jun-Nan Chen), the tentacles of TFTA have reached Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan via factory tours and exhibitions. To deepen the acquisition of knowledge and professionalism in the fastener field and to provide a platform through which members can share and discuss every aspect of fastener business, TFTA hosts lectures, panel discussions and symposiums every year. In the past 20 years, in order to assist the industry in raising exports, TFTA has been leading its members to attend exhibitions held in Taiwan and oversea countries and to tour around factories.

TFTA is a national organization and is making strides towards globalization and internationalization, aiming to transform itself into a world-class organization.